Body Contour provides beauty services designed to enhance your individual style. We provide creative styles for bespoke flawless make-overs, uniquely personalised to each of our clients.

We provide continual training for all our team who specialise in beauty treatments to the very highest standard. Our skilled Beauty Therapists will be happy to spend time with you to create the image that you are looking for.

View our Beauty Treatments 2019 Prices below

Treatment Time Cost
Full Body Massage    
Aimed to target stress and tension, such as back, shoulder and neck, upper, lower legs, and arms. 1 hour
30 minutes
Full Body £35.00
Back only £20.00
Luxury Back Massage Including a back brush and exfoliation, tailored back massage focusing on areas of concern, red clay mask to detox and a neck and scalp massage. 45 minutes £25.00
Full Body Scrub    
Full body exfoliation treatment to smooth the skin. Perfect as a treatment on it’s own or just before a holiday/spray tan or massage. 30 minutes £20.00
Hopi Ear Candling    
A soothing, relaxing and relieving treatment. Recommended for almost all ear, nose and throat conditions. Especially good for those who suffer with sinus congestion, excessive ear wax or headaches 30 minutes £20.00
Luxury Body Wrap 1hr 20 minutes £55.00
This treatment starts with a full body brush and exfoliation to stimulate and renew the skin, then a organic red clay mud body mask to detox the body, while enjoying a facial and scalp massage. 1hr 15 minutes £55.00
Hot Stone Full Body Massage    
A full body massage incorporating heated basalt stones, which instantly relax the muscles, allowing the treatment to work at a deeper level. Full Body 60 minutes £45.00
Hot Stone Back Massage    
A back, neck and shoulder massage incorporating heated basalt stones which work on relaxing and de-stressing the muscles at a deeper level. 30 minutes £25.00
Cellulite Treatment    
A powerful scrub, massage and a cooling mask applied to problem areas. Which work together to target cellulite and poor skin tone. 45 minutes £40.00
Facials / Rejuvenation    
Using a diamond head to renew dull skin, improve acne scars, pigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles.30 minutes per session £35.00 per treatment
£120.00 for a course of 4
PRIORI Chemical Peel - (fine lines and wrinkles)    
Using adaptive skincare to suit the skins needs. This treatment leaves your skin brighter, more plumped, restored and hydrated. 35 minutes per session £35.00 per treatment
£120.00 for a course of 4
Meta therapy is a 100% natural anti-ageing treatment - Reduces fine lines, wrinkles and pore size. Helps to give firmer skin and retain elasticity. 30 minutes per session £65.00 per treatment
£220.00 for a course of 4
A skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair using a small sterile blade revealing a brighter and smoother complexion 30 minutes per session £40.00 per treatment
£140.00 for a course of 4
Skin Clearing Facial    
Using Cell Regeneration/Micro Peel/Light Fusion. All designed to clear the skin of congestion to help heal from the inside out to reduce inflammation. 30 minutes per session £30.00 per treatment
£100.00 for a course of 4
Light Therapy    
LED light facial to help improves collagen levels promotes hydration and repair the skins supportive structure. Includes a Marine Collagen Mask and Sleep Recovery Mask to use at home. 30 minutes per session £30.00 per treatment
£100.00 for a course of 4
A Lift    
Using nanocurrent and microcurrent technology, this is your go to facial to reduce lines/wrinkles, firm the face and neck muscles. 30 mins or 1hr sessions £30.00 for 30 minutes
£45.00 for an hour
Eyebrows (48 hour patch test needed)    
Brow Tint 15 minutes £7.50
Brow & Lash Tint 15 minutes £13.50
Eyebrow Wax & Shape 15 minutes £7.50
HD Brows 45 minutes £30.00
HD Maintenance 25 minutes £25.00
Lashes (48 hour patch test needed)    
LVL Lashes    
LASH TREATMENT ADDING LENGTH VOLUME and LIFT to your own nature lashes with no maintenance Results last upto 6 to 8weeks. 1 hour session £40.00 per treatment
Lash Tint 25 minutes £10-£15
Lash Removal 25 minutes £8.50
Party Lashes- Full set 45 minutes £16.00
Semi-Permanent Lashes    
Senior Therapist 60 to 90 minutes £60.00
Junior Therapist 60 to 90 minutes £40.00
Semi-permanent Lash - 2 week Infill 60 minutes £25.00
Semi-permanent Lash - 3 week Infill 60 minutes £40.00
Hybrid Lashes Senior Therapist 60 to 90 minutes £65.00
Hybrid Lashes Junior Therapist 60 to 90 minutes £55.00
Hybrid Lahes - 2 week Infill 60 minutes £25.00 - £35.00
Hybrid Lahes - 3 week Infill 60 minutes £40.00
Waxing (Using clean and easy roller system)    
Full leg, Bikini and Underarm 1 hour £36.00
Full Leg 40 minutes £22.00
Half Leg 30 minutes £13.00
Standard Bikini 10 minutes £15.00
Extended Bikini 15 minutes £18.00
Brazilian (Hot Wax - landing strip left) 20/30 minutes £20.00
Hollywood - Full (Hot Wax - Everything removed/can include front/sides/back) 30/40 minutes £24.00
Underarm 15 minutes £14.00
Lip or Chin 10 minutes £5.00
Spray Tanning    
We use Fake Bake, the USA and UK leading tanning company We Provide Disposable Underwear, Wipes, Hair Net and Sticky Feet during your tan.    
Fake Bake Dark Tan (develops in 6-8 hours) 60 minutes £14.00
Fake Bake Quick Tan (develops in 1 hour) 30 minutes £16.00


Treatment Time Cost
Hands and Feet (Please bring open toed shoes or flip-flops for pedicure appointment)    
Luxury Manicure 45 minutes Colour £21.00
French £23.00
Luxury Manicure with Paraffin wax 45 minutes £25.00<
Luxury Pedicure 1 hour Colour £24.00
French £25.00
Luxury Pedicure with Shellac 1 hour £34.00
File and Polish (fingers) 15 minutes Colour £13.00
French £15.00
File and Polish (toes) 15 minutes Colour £13.00
French £14.00
Acrylics 10 minutes £6.00
Acrylic Colour 20 - 40 minutes £27.00
Acrylic with tip 20 - 40 minutes from £27.00
Acrylic Overlay on natural nail 20 - 40 minutes £23.00
Acrylic Ombre 30 - 60 minutes £23.00
Acrylic Overlay on natural nail 30 - 60 minutes £30.00
Acrylic with shellac or gel 30 - 60 minutes £35.00
Acrylic Infill 20 - 30 minutes £25.00
Acrylic Infill with shellac or gel 30 - 60 minutes £30.00
Acrylic soak off with new set 20 minutes £8.00
Soak with NO new gel application 30 minutes £12.00
CND & Bio Sculpture 10 minutes £6.00
CND Shellac - The 2 week manicure, no chips, smudges or nicks.    
CND Shellac Colour Fingers 30 minutes £19.00
CND Shellac French Fingers 40 minutes £21.00
CND Shellac Toes 30 minutes £19.00
CND Shellac French Toes 30 minutes £22.00
CND Soak off (when having a new set) 10 minutes £4.00
CND Soak off only 20 minutes £8.00
Bio Sculpture Gel - 2 to 3 weeks wear.    
Bio Sculpture Gel Toes 40 minutes £24.00
Bio Sculpture Infills 30 minutes £23.00
Bio Sculpture French Gel 40 minutes £25.00
Bio Sculpture overlay on natural nails 40 minutes £24.00
Bio Sculpture Soak off when having a NEW SET 10 minutes £6.00
Renew Foot Treatment    
Let your feet relax and rest in comfort while the conditioning treatment leaves them feeling smooth and nourished. This treatment includes exfoliation to the foot and lower leg, hot towels, footmassage and a hydrating foot mask. 30 minutes £20.00